“Success is what you make of it. How you prepare is up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you different. We are Optionslatte and we do things different than your average trader. We don’t listen to the media, we don’t listen to the social media chatter, we don’t listen to all the hype. All we do is trade the charts. Make a difference in your trading style, it is all up to you.”

Trading can be difficult, but with my team of traders, researchers, and coders we have created a platform were 99% of traders can succeed.


Lester Tarver Jr

Founder & Chief Financial Officer, Optionslatte, LLC

“I was kind of skeptical at first, but once I took that leap, my trading career began to turn. November 2015, I purchased Optionslatte Shadow Lines Indicator and Optionslatte Volume Performance Indicator and my winning percentage increased from barely breaking even to profiting over 75% of my trades. This trading system can work for anyone you just have to take that leap of faith.”

Robert S.


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